Instead, we used to see works in confined spaces, quiet, away from the bustle. With this facility, I suggest the contrary, the agitation, the passage as a place of meditation. The force is to foster contradictions. Also suggest that the craft should be less hierarchical, more like contemporary art than jewelry in their caskets.


Adapt traditional ceramic techniques with contemporary design form, and drive new audiences to enrich themselves (know) a work and a profession.


The interaction between content and form, and can feed the message itself.


Why am I talking with ceramics? : Because the choice of ceramic allows me to open some reality into something tangible and valuable to both fragile but strong.

I experienced a smaller scale, the confrontation of my pieces to the public interest is marked, the discussion moves, whether notified or neophyte. The form and the subject almost call primarily to reflect on the medium used. When our consumerist societies speak to abstract plastic, everything is made of plastic, available in plastic, even the great public works. I propose as an alternative, ceramic, which allows us to open the reading to new horizons.


Sabine Lalande, may 2012