We are accustomed to seeing art in confined spaces, silent and sheltered from agitation. With this exhibit, I am suggesting the opposite: agitation; transition as a place of meditation. Strength lies in encouraging contradiction. Applied arts should also be less rigidly ranked, more like contemporary art, rather than jewels arrayed their cases.




Adapting traditional ceramic techniques to a contemporary design of form means encouraging new audiences to take on (learn about) an artistic endeavour or skill.




The interaction of substance and form can also enhance the message itself.




Why do I speak through ceramics? Because choosing ceramics provides an opening to a certain reality that is both precious and tangible, fragile and solid.







I have done this before on a smaller scale, placing my work before the public, and the interest was remarkable, the dialogue opened up by both the experienced and the neophyte. The form and the subject above all invite you to explore the medium.






While our consumer society speaks of moving away from plastic, everything is made of plastic and available in plastic - even in mainstream art. I am offering another way, ceramics: An opening to new horizons.