Selection Shanghai 2014 - three Invincibles (Clouds are Partition- Sweps -Peaceful) from left to right - Partenaire (Ateliers d'art de France



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STUDIO :  2 chemin des rois

78740 Vaux sur Seine - France

Tél : 0033 1 34 74 71 56

0033 (0) 6 78 59 02 32


on the left : "Clouds are Partition"

Stoneware media

L 90 X l 35 X P 48 cm

Weight 12 kg



on the right : "Peacful"

Stoneware media

L 86 X l 32 X P 33 cm

Weight 9 kg




For the 50th anniversary of Franco-Chinese diplomatic relations, ATELIERS D’ART DE FRANCE is organising FRENCH ART TOUR, a previously unseen journey through themed show-and-sale exhibitions with stops in three of Shanghai’s symbolic cultural institutions: TAO ART GALLERY, LIULI CHINA MUSEUM and LAFAYETTE ART&DESIGN CENTER


Sabine Lalande is born on the 25th of August, 1971, in Paris (France).


Since she was 16 years old, she took a great interest in the art of ceramic.


She began to study art to the College of the Applied Arts Auguste Renoir in


Paris, where she graduated in 1990 as a Technician and specialized designer


in ceramic. Then she left Paris to go and study to the National High School


of the Decorative Arts, located in Strasbourg in Eastern France, where she


followed her training for several years.


In 1993, she got her National Degree in Visual Arts, with Painting as


specialized subject. Two years later, in 1995, she obtained the National


High Degree in Visual Expression (MA), with Art as specialized subject, for


which she received the congratulations of the jury.


At that time, she decided that she would dedicate herself mainly to the art of ceramic


 She started her career in an international context.


After a period spent in the Netherlands, she was invited to show her work at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam «Bureau Amsterdam» in the «Tiens-toi bien» exhibition, on extreme experiences, alongside films by Marina Abramovic, de Vito Acconci, Yoko Ono and other Fluxus artists. Then she was invited to Beeldende Kunst in Utrecht for a live performance.


She decided to settle in Paris shortly after and set up her atelier at Vaux sur Seine in the Yvelines.


She created the event in 2002 for FIFAV (Festival International du film sur l’argile et le verre – International Film Festival on clay and glass) obtaining the special price awarded by Miquel Barcelo for her performance «Colloque entre Plures et Una».




She acquired expertise in different applications of ceramic surfaces and became a ceramics and colour professor ENSA Limoges in 2005 and then the ceramics section of the Lycée technologique d’arts appliqués (Technological High School of Applied Arts) at Auguste Renoir in Paris since 2000. She was in charge of the reconstruction of these workshops in 2006-2007.




Today she works in the privacy of her workshop and enhances her work regularly though various meetings linked to working with ceramics, in residence in Japan, and exhibitions in Germany and Denmark.


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Rubriques :  "Oeuvres commentées" et "La transmutation de la boue"

© photo : Anne-Gloria LEFÈVRE





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Rubriques :  "Oeuvres commentées" et "La transmutation de la boue"