Written presentation: Stay at Shigaraki

Period from August 7 to September 12, 2008

The work of ceramic and film

There was the desire to go to Japan, land of ceramics, supremacy of art, long time.

Since the completion of my room Invincibles, I wanted to work on a hybrid between man and animal. I could not do it. It was probably me a more powerful, more accurate than a formal meeting.

And then the opportunity presented by Ateliers d'Art de France and the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, going to work in Japan.

This city that stretches for miles, consists of hamlets scattered in a forest of many species with many bamboo, anyway. In the city center, dotted with dozens of ceramics galleries. One can easily imagine pots, bowls, plates, vases of all shapes and earthy colors of sandstone. Because there is sandstone found in the soil. A beautiful sandstone, very nice work.

But the surprise is something else, very particular Shigaraki, something that can make us a little uncomfortable at first, let us wary at first.

There are thousands of Tanukis big and small and even immense, within which one can get to eat there.

These thousands of Tanukis sandstone Shigaraki, in somewhat different forms from one shop to another, have a common point in the representation: a friendly air and huge testicles.

We had done some research beforehand on this mythical animal. Tanukis are the real animals like badgers enough of our country. They are known for their ability to transform into a man or object, they felt they had supernatural powers that were denied them at the time of the rise of Buddhism, they are then moved from the status of deities than Yokai *.

They are now seen as creatures full of humor and good living who like to drink and eat, symbols of joy and togetherness. We find very often not the doors of dwellings.

Based on the theme of work that I found very intriguing, I searched before leaving the illustrations in the Parisian libraries. I found images of prints by Utagawa kuniyoshi, others Tsukioka Yoshitoshi. Always humorous, these illustrations are inspired by everyday popular scenes from the Edo period.

These images were used as a template for my work. It was not until I make a mold before leaving because I knew that months of work was not enough, without making a mold first. This mold would be my base to turn on the spot, in shaping the land, building new elements. I do not want to provide more than that.

I left with my life partner, we thought to make a film about my work. Guy loves Japanese culture, he knows through films, he is interested in various aspects long.

That is the impression that Japan has made me inspired postures and sets of sculptures that I present to you today, so that's the impression of Japan felt by Guy to guide the editing of the film he is currently conducting.

Living daily in the Japanese cultural and organic atmosphere, we enriched many sensations textures, weights and gross and valuable both colors.

Shigaraki Kyoto and give the brilliance of the film. We hope to get the back and forth between the everyday, around, the landscape, customs and of course the more specific work of achievement of my sculptures in the center.

In Nishijin - ward in Kyoto, we filmed the tissues took photographs of materials and textile patterns. Each walk in Kyoto was a source of pleasure, without constantly renewed daily, every step of our trip was the opportunity to gaze on the forms and decorations, visible and invisible textures, felt in every detail.

My sculptures are the result of a work in progress thought in situ. The film will probably be a reflection of our trip.

We conducted our desire to Japan in the coming months I would, I hope, made pieces of pure inspiration from Japanese ultra-contemporary and traditional resource.

Sabine Lalande

* Fantastic creatures in Japan