GROUP SHOWS (selection):




2015     Chicago / Etats-Unis, SOFA, the Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design Fair


2014     Tao Art Gallery Shanghai « Three Girls"




2010     Museum international of ceramic art « Tanukis » Middlefart, Danemark




2009     Keramic Museum Westerwald « Tanuki Okinawa et Tanuki Midoni » Germany




2006     Installation INVINCIBLES, Festival d’Art Contemporain, Mers sur Indre France




2006     Installation-vidéo Colloque à Thevet-Saint –Julien «Rencontres des Arts»




2004     Installation INVINCIBLES Carré d’Art, Chartres de Bretagne France




1998     Installation « têtes» porcelain Offener ateliers Cologne, Germany




1996     Installation vidéo- performance « Colloque entre Plures et Una »  Stedelijk Museum




              Amsterdam  Exposition GEEDRAAG JE ! About the extreme experiences in art, Stedelijk




              Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands (February) next to the films of performances




             of Marina  Abramovic,  of Vito Acconci, of Yoko Ono and others Fluxus








SOLO SHOWS (selection):






2006     Installation Invincibles ( sculptures and drawings) cultural Art Center A.Dobel, Paris




2007     Installation Invincibles ( sculptures and drawings) headquarters of the C.G.T.




             Workers’Syndicate, Paris-Montreuil




2006     Installation Invincibles Éragny-sur-Oise, Biennale d’Art Contemporain




2005     installation “Invincibles” City of sciences and Industrie La Villette Paris.




1999     Installation Modulus ( sculptures) Galerie du forum Saint Eustache




             (collectif des Beaux-Arts   de Paris)




1998     Sculptures (Bona china) Museum Philippe Deshoulières  Foëcy France




1997     Performance  « Articulation » Lichaam als laboratorium  Beeldende Kunst Utrecht Pays-Bas




1995     Happening  « Aperitif »  Club of press Europeen Parlement, Strasbourg.




1995     Action-performance « Colloque entre Plures et Una »  Strasbourg




1995     Performance  « Ana ala in faa ala » Galerie Rendez-vous  Strasbourg




1993    Happening  « Mythe » Human’s shadows, Anciennes écuries  Strasbourg.














2011 Creation of a commemorative plaque to the Cabaret «Golden Horse»-Paris Latin Quarter




2008  International Institute of Ceramic Studies - Shigaraki Center Ceramic Cultural Park




          (artiste in residence) Japan Shigaraki (Kansaï- next to Kyoto) Support Art Workshops of




          France. Construction of four stoneware sculptures




2004   Enfant- guerrier « Yi- King» Art Center  Chartres de bretagne (first price)




2003   Support of The Culture Ministery of France (Contemporain Art Direction, Paris) to realize




           the pieces «Invincibles» (sculptures work project).




2002   Special award of the jury head by  Miquel Barcelò for the film « Colloque entre Plures




           et  Una » presented to the International Film Festival on Clay and glass




2000   Grant from the Société d’Encouragement for Crafts,




           formation shape and enamel with ceramists Nani and Claude Champy.










2000 - 2015 : Professor of design ceramic  in The National Design Institut Auguste Renoir, Paris




2006 - 2007 :  Professor of ceramic colors in The National Institut of Art , Limoges-Aubusson












December 2014 "ArtsHebdoMedia" Oeuvres commentées by Marie-Laure Desjardins


                                                         Transmutation de la boue  by Marie-Laure Desjardins




May 2012: A review of the ceramics and glass No. 184 «Sabine Lalande,» One for all «




August 2008 Booklet : Invinciles and chupas , the ceramics sculptures , sabine Lalande




October 2006 : « N.V.O » Exibition The Invincibles of Sabine  Lalande  (Park –Villette)




Sept october 2005 : Magazine Ateliers d’Art ; Ceramic in Paris




November 27, 2004 : Ouest France article “Warrior children exhibition Carré d’Art ”.




November 2004, Catalogue , Exhibition Invincibles (prize  ceramic of Invincibles)




Jully and augusto 2002 : Magazine Ateliers d’Art, article : projections d’argile 2002.




April 16, 2002 : Le Midi libre , article : Festival, le tour de la terre en 48 heures.




August 4, 1999 : Le sud ouest, article : Ceramic  sculptures.




Jully 11, 1998 : Le figaro (edition of Paris), article : La France des arts décoratifs.




May 26, 1999 : La nouvelle république du centre ,article : Nouvelle salle au musée.




February 1996 : Le Uitkrant Number 6,(journal of Art exhibitions), article : Musea, Gedraag je!




February 1996 : Catalogue of exhibition Gedraaj je  Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.




June 1995 Catalogue of exhibition of diploms, Arts Décoratifs of Strasbourg.














2009 DVD,  «Sabine Lalande, a French ceramist, in the land of Tanukis» this film traces the elaboration of four ceramic sculptures made %u200B%u200Bin Japan in 2008. The film shows each stage of creation for four sculptures , also to show the sensations felt by the ceramist, in contact with the matter...






1997 DVD, film « Articulation » 2004 : performance Beeldende Kunst d’Utrecht  May 13, 1997






1995 vidéo, support Béta-cam « Ana ala in faa ala » : collective performance : around a song and movements until total exhaustion of the body.






1995 DVD, Film « Colloque entre Plures et Una » : This performance tells encounter between two subjects, moving crouched body of the artist moving around the fixed body of matter lead to the emergence of a landscape, a planet of love












 2000    Advanced Course Scholarship Corporation Encouragement Crafts,




              formation shape and enamel with ceramists Nani and Claude Champy.






 1995    Higher National Degree of visual expression,  Multi-media  Art option,




             (Jury’s congratulation) École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg






 1993     National Degree of Arts plastiques, painting option École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs




              de Strasbourg






 1990    1990    Technical’s GCE, designer of applied Art,  ceramic option




             Institution  Auguste Renoir College, Paris.






 1987   Training Course form and enamel with the ceramist Alain Rouzaud